Roger – Bass


IMG_9595Being a Detroit native, I’ve had a mixed bag of musical influences. Everything from Ted Nugent / Detroit Rock to Smokey Robinson / Motown R & B. One of the earliest concerts I attended was Led Zeppelin….I almost lost my mind. I knew I had play music. Throughout high school and beyond I played in all type of bands. Rock & Roll,

R & B and Funk.

I spent years playing in clubs from Detroit to Miami and everywhere in between.

Thank goodness during the Disco Era, music took a back seat to earning a living and family obligations.

I moved to Phoenix from Detroit, then Huntington Beach and New Orleans before settling in Las Vegas in 1993.

I’ve had opportunities over the years to stay involved in playing music and have been fortunate to have played with some very talented musicians. Which brings me to NOW, playing with the Burn Unit boys. No shortage of talent here. After shelving the idea of playing with an actual band, I was approached by Burn Unit and asked if I would like to try out for the group. Kelly, Dave, and Eric have rekindled my love for beating on my bass and I can’t wait to get on stage with these guys.